Thursday, November 03, 2005

Morons I have met- ERO

Toady an ERO report came back from my son's local school. It contained this little gem:

"Findings also highlight significant areas requiring improvement including the development of an English implementation plan, strengthening assessment and quality assurance processes and addressing poor quality teaching in some classes. Recent valid and reliable data show that many children are achieving at below average levels for their age against national norms."

Now if you have an average, surely that means that in a group, there will be those above and those below the average.

So does the school have to produce kids that are all average or above? That would be a neat trick. Having achieved that, they can move on to developing a peace plan for the middle east, banning ugliness and getting us to all love one another. Big group hug!

Back in the real world, the successful will succeed, the mediocre will go work at the Warehouse and those below average- well, all is not lost. Those way below average can always find employment in the government apparatus...

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Lippy said...

Using this, I have cleverly deduced my place in the scheme of things: having never lowered myself to touch politics with a bargepole, or been desperate enough to take on a crappy minimum wage job, I am therefore (clearly, I believe) a raging success. I just wish I made more money out of it...