Sunday, November 13, 2005

Judges- a big part of the problem.,2106,3475966a10,00.html

Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft said yesterday it was the length of time child offenders were being kept in police cells that was scandalous.
"It is a very serious situation when vulnerable young people are locked up for that long.
"It could be argued that a night in a cell might not do a potentially serious young offender any harm, but when it becomes a week in virtual solitary confinement, it is quite scandalous in a civilised community."

These little slime-buckets are already FUBAR. I agree, most of them shouldn't be locked up, they should be humanely put down.

FFS- a week banged up in solitary is nothing. These POS don't live in the civilised community, in any case!

Maybe Judge Bleedingheart can put them up at his house?

Some police officers spoken to say there is growing frustration at the number of youth offenders who are remanded into police custody.
"These aren't your typical children of course; they are obviously hard-core and hard-out, but they should not be with us. They need to be in a secure facility designed for children," said one officer.

See my comments above. I think the police, like many of us are frustrated that we can't just shoot them!

Judge Becroft said extended confinement in police cells was "wholly unacceptable".

Cry me a river- having them at large in the community is 'wholly unacceptable'!

What do these overpaid snivel servants propose to do with this plague of feral children?- other than pontificate on those who actually have to deal with these little scrotes, that is. I'm sure they would be the first to call the same police that they so love to condemn, should they find one of these ferals makinfg free with their property.

Meanwhile, the rest of us- the ones these judges are meant to serve, believe the disgrace is not in locking these swine up- but is THE CRIMES THEY COMMIT and the fact that the namby-pamby laws let them walk free for anything less than murder.

We (the 92% that want the worthless locked up longer) want judges to apply the full penalties of law- to these ferals and those who are blatantly neglectful in raising them.

The worst of them are like mad dogs- one cure for a mad dog and it involves hot lead.

As for Judges, I'm starting to think they ought to be elected officials. A little fear for their gilt-edged jobs might make them more responsive to the community.

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