Sunday, November 27, 2005

ERO Morons (again)- your tax dollars at 'work',,11964-5075413,00.html


Teachers are being ticked off for dishing out lines to teach students a lesson. The Education Review Office has pulled up a west Auckland school for making students write lines for bad behavior. In its latest report the ERO has suggested Westbridge Residential School revisit its use of writing as a disincentive. After completing a standard review of the school it found students sent to time out were required to copy out a sheet of writing. The intention is to help them reflect on their experience. However the Education Review Office suggests this could lead students to regard writing as a form of punishment.

ERO- Anal-Retentive Masters (or should that be gender- neutral!) of PC-ness gone mad, strike another blow for the destruction of the NZ school system.

fortunately, most school kids are balanced enough to avoid being traumatized by writing lines and will go on to lead productive and useful lives. The others will find that the public service uses keyboards, nowadays- so no harm done either way!

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