Thursday, November 17, 2005

On Religion, Spirituality and masturbation

It seems I can't go a month without offending someone's deeply felt religious beliefs. It's not really good enough- I should be upsetting them on a weekly basis, at least!

I don't actually have a problem with other people's beliefs. They might be irrational and masochistic, but that is their concern. Like wanking, it is socially acceptable if done in private and without announcing it to the world.

I suppose people who spend hour in prayer, meditation or ritual aren't climbing though windows and removing your property. I used to live out the back of the Hari Krishner temple in Christchurch and I never saw anyone in an orange sheet trying car doors at 3am.

When I do start taking exception with matter religious, is when they go missionary. I want to hear the word of the lord as much as I want to listen to the guy in the next flat wanking like a mad monkey. Hell, I heard enough mattress abuse and onanism to last two lifetimes, when I worked in the prisons!

The REAL problem starts when religion and politics start to mesh together. Look at the basket-case nations of the world, to see the results. (with North Korea, Kim Dim-Sim and the State are the religion)

The Destiny church are a dangerous lot, too and one that is probably not taken seriously enough. It looks like Fascism wrapped up in family values to me and I would trust them about as far as I could comfortably spit a large rat. They quite remind me of the Fosterites in 'Stranger in a Strange land'!

A long time ago I came to the conclusion that debating with the religious is like teaching a pig to whistle, so I don't bother. It's in the same league as talking Libertarian policy, to a Labour party member.

So the most they get from me now is a 'Sod Off!'. You only get so many breaths in a lifetime.

They are as likely to give it away, as a teenage boy is to stop wanking.

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