Friday, November 11, 2005

In Praise of Poteen!

It ranges from good clean alcohol, to stuff that has been used to marinate a long-dead fish. It is as good as it's maker. If they pay attention to detail, don't take shortcuts and use a quality stainless steel reflux still, they can make a very decent product indeed- one that does not require liberal quantities of mixers, to make it drinkable.

I usually produce something like the above, but this time, my product resembles window cleaner. I should have gone to the farm and got some good non-compliant creek water, instead of using town water, which tastes like the swimming pool water, from a school for the incontinent.

Still, that is what Coke is invented for- to make bad booze pleasant, or at least drinkable.

But the real joy of Poteen is not about taste. It's about savoring a drink, knowing that you are not financing the govamint's social agenda's. (aside from the GST, etc. On the Coke- bugger!)

Ok so knowing that I have won a small victory is no big deal- or is it?

We need to keep winning more of these small ones. Most of us will never go on to win the big battles- but it is within us all to keep winning small ones.

Grow your own tobacco, do a deal for cash or trade- teach someone else how to do so.

Don't let the bastards grind you down. It's going to be a painful three years, mark my words.

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