Sunday, November 06, 2005

Big Deal, So What?

I see a lake of crocodile tears being shed on the blogs and newsgroups, at the demise of Ron Donald.

Hell, it's just one less politician, to me.

I don't know him personally. I certainly can't stand his party or their ideals- they are just a bunch of control freaks with bad hair.

People die everyday. Why get upset about some character you have never broken organic bread with- nor ever would?

Doesn't make sense to me- but that's people for you!

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He-Hole-ad said...


If this was Mr John Smith from Ohakune the bloggers will not wring their hands.

But then, Oswald, you need to come back to why 99% of bloggers actually blog. A large part (perhaps even the bulk) of it is simply to see thier own opinions being read by others.

What irks me more is the tendency of bloggers (and the public in general) to elevate recently departed people to levels not warranted. [To be honest, I have expressed admiration for people like Sonja Davies and David Lange on their passing.] To say NZ is poorer for the loss of Donald is true but not because of his contribution to NZ. The death of any NZer is a loss to the country.