Sunday, May 16, 2010

Only NZ Yoof

The nanny types and their lap dogs would have it that NZ has a piss problem and we are incapable of drinking in a civilized manner, as they do in Europe.

"Parisian authorities are trying to stop a mass cocktail party organised over the Internet and planned for the Eiffel Tower grounds, after a reveller died on Thursday at a gathering of 10,000 people in western France.

The death was the first on record as a result of "Facebook aperitifs" - giant outdoor drinking parties whose popularity has exploded across France in the last six months and which are organised over the online social network...

..The parties often turn into mass drinking binges, and police said the man who died on Thursday in the western city of Nantes had been drunk when he plunged head first over a parapet.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said the parties risked spiralling out of control and were aimed at enticing a maximum number of people to drink alcohol in public places..."

So it's not JUST here, but in civilized, cultured Europe too.

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