Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another 'so what' story

"New Zealanders are paying at least $129 million a year more than necessary as we bathe our toilets and bathrooms in bright light and use inefficient light bulbs, says the Electricity Commission..."

We chose and we pay accordingly. So were is your frickin' problem?

Anyway, fluros are shite and LED bulbs are still scarce and priced to 'all the rabid greenies will bear'

Could be we like to take a dump in bright light- or at least have decent light while we read on the throne!


halod1 said...

I see the price of an 8 pack of 100watters down at the Warehouse and then cringe at the price of one eco-bulb. Rack off, I'm buying the one I consider best value.

peterquixote said...

I live in cold dark Christchurch, and here our living rooms are on the south side in grey and bleak never ending south winter.
I used to have those pathetic edison screw downlights snugly fitting into the ceiling mount and lighting up nothing but allowing me to see just.
Then I found 40-watt eco bulbs,
thats 40 watts dudes, [not those 20watt poof things ], which protrude below the light mount and give massive white light bouncing off a white painted ceiling.
By looking at them they seem like equivalent of 150watts of the older bulbs but much whiter, and Ican read and see to throw wood on the fire and fuck the Council.