Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Message to a prat

"Prime Minister John Key's decision to quit an overseas trade mission to attend the funerals of three Air Force servicemen has been criticised as "short-sighted and irresponsible".

The comments were made by Cognition Education chief executive John Langley, who was one of 90 business men and women in the delegation to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates..."

Message to John Langley:

Go fuck yourself with a week-dead dogfish!

I'm not a John Key fanboy, but he got this right. Any high-level tax-waster could take his place schmoozing.


David said...

Hear Hera - give that man a DB

Anonymous said...

At my funeral I want only my family and friends. It will be private and tiny. That JK went to this funeral doesn't offend me but I wouldn't have thought any less of him if he hadn't. It was just a fatal accident in a (weather excepted) low risk flight and being in uniform doesn't change that.

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