Sunday, May 16, 2010

Corrections fail- no political balls

"Department of Corrections bosses say staff safety is paramount following criticisms made in the wake of the death of prison officer Jason Palmer..."

It is true that you have brought some new gear, but that is only a part of the problem- and it is too little, too late.

Inmate management is the main problem.

There are too many that should be handled under a maxi regime, but are shunted into lower classifications to save money.

Working in a prison IS inherently dangerous so Corrections should follow H&S (like us outside the public service have to) and take ALL PRACTICAL STEPS to minimize the risk of harm.

Tasers, pepper spray, batons, and firearms in some places,like border control.

Tougher punishment regimes for non- compliant inmates.

Hell, put those 'Running Man' explosive collars on inmates with form for assault, for that matter.

BTW, there is a specific charge for murdering a Police or Corrections officer carrying out their duties. From memory, it is 17 years minimum (should be a seven-foot drop)

Watch some shit-eating crim-loving lawyer try to push for manslaughter...

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