Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm back on the Aitkins diet. This is my third time- I lose some, take a rest- usually from December- May, when the feasting season is on.

While I usually backslide a few kilos, I have been coming steadily down over the years.

Coming down to the tune of 32 kilos from my peak weight so far- now I'm nearing the home straight with the 90kg mark in sight for this years effort. I plan to finish at the mythical 'ideal' weight next year.

This diet is the one that works for me. I'm one of those folk that has their appetite switch stuck in the 'on' position and the high protien diet keeps the hunger pains down.

One of the great myths regarding this diet is that you can eat buckets of fat. It ain't so and if you do you will at best loose weight much slower. Sneak in carbohydrates and you will grow like a pumpkin on a midden.

I have found that the food pyramid promoted by nanny state is NOT right for me. My body works best with WAY less carbohydrate, especially bread, pasta and flour. I have more energy, are not half asleep for most of the morning, fart way less- in quantity and stench and my blood glucose tests are all now bang in the middle of the good range.

Meat, fish, cheese, eggs, greens and a few nuts. When I'm in maintenance, a couple of spuds a week and no more than one slice of bread a day. Occasionaly some berries & cream.

But the no drinking bit is a drag. After two weeks I can have a whiskey and soda though...

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