Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interesting Precident

"...The two men – part of a self-sanctioned community night patrol – had confronted the group about 10.30pm and verbal abuse was exchanged before the encounter turned violent.

Despite the pair being branded vigilantes, Judge Paul Barber said in Masterton District Court yesterday that they were victims in their own right and he discharged them without conviction.

Judge Barber also said he understood how a community would want to protect itself amid perceptions that police were under-resourced to deal with burglaries..."

The judge got it right- something I don't say all that often!

Bloody good show- but no doubt they are thousands of dollars poorer and the young thugs have gone unpunished.

The police freely admit that they cannot be everywhere and also charge us to 'be responsible for our communities'

Then they must let the communities take back their towns from these thugs and if a few punk heads get smashed along the way- so be it!

While I'm on the topic- we also need tools more suitable for use in an urban setting- pepper spray and tasers. CCW should also be on the list!

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