Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to negotiate

"Tuhoe's Treaty negotiations with the Government are on a knife edge after the iwi's leader said the talks could be scrapped unless ownership of Te Urewera National Park is put back on the table..."

Give them an evasive answer.

Tell them to go fuck themselves.

National- grow a bloody spine- When you hold all the cards you don't need to friggin' negotiate. I know you understand the numbers game.

You piss a few ferals off (who would NEVER vote for you)- and strengthen your support amongst the MAJORITY who are sick of this endless pandering to maori interests.

And if you are part of the 'silent majority'- STOP IT!
Get loud and noisy- start a blog, post on blogs- make your displeasure known.

Politicians understand numbers (except in referendums)