Thursday, August 13, 2009

The way of the future

An unsolicited plug for Bookhabit- a NZ website.

Brought a novel lately? They ain't cheap, even second-hand.

It's not like the days of my youth, when I would go into town on a Friday and come home with a bag full of books.

I still have many of them- I admit to just plain having a thing for paper copy- I prefer reading from real books.

But along the way I brought a lot of lemons.

Now there are ebooks- for only a couple of dollars through PayPal, I can try more new material than otherwise.

Hell, the US $2.50 would hardly pay for the petrol to get to a library!

And there is the matter of Bookhabit giving wannabes like myself a chance!- Which is very much appreciated. I can decide if it is worth paying (about a grand) to get a professional print run done.

Think of buying a download as a tip for the years of entertainment here ;-)

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