Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roll on the summer

With my second laptop now working, I can now move out of the lounge- once the rest of the house warms up. Hopefully the wireless network will operate out in the garage.

Away from the goddamned noisy-box and the gibbering classes that worship it!

Encourgaed by favourable comments on my first book, I want to get on with writing the next one down- I have about 1/3 typed up, another third in my head and the story outline of the rest in a couple of exercise books.

The next one is the back story on the first (actually two books rolled into one) and as happens in time travel- is set in the 35th century. This one is space opera in the finest traditions of the old masters!

It was to be called 'Catspaw', but on doing a little research I found that this was used as the name of an old Star Trek episode!- so it's now 'Meddlers in Time- Catspaw'

This follows the adventures of the lead characters of Meddlers in Time through the 35th century, as they infiltrate the ranks of an intersteller empire to carry out a deep cover secret mission.

My mission is to redefine space combat in a novel!

You heard it first here!

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