Monday, August 10, 2009

They will regret this

"Smooth, tight and free-flowing, like the sport it is designed to accommodate, Featherston's $150,000 skatepark was quietly finished on Saturday..."

Just what the town needed- a shit magnet.

Some of us have been dead against this waste of ratepayers money, of course the pro movement have done the usual of accusing us of negativity and being 'down on the kids'

Time will tell but history provides a good indication of things to come.

History tells me that they might as well have a permanent car park for police and ambulance outside and that those who sweep the street will be there daily to sweep up the broken glass. It is convienently near the medical center- which is busy enough without the extra trade this will bring.

Somehow my generation managed to amuse ourselves without ratepayer funded abrasion pits like this...

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