Monday, August 31, 2009

Assassination in New Zealand

I suppose it must happen someday, although I don't see it taking off as a trend in the near future.

Not given the predominance of apathetic bloody New Zealanders who only rise up in the streets over who is playing rugby with whom.

Mind you, when the more traditional political means are subverted- refferendums ignored, the main parties taking on a certain sameness and the more unelected officials take over this country, there is a future in assassination as a means towards meaningful change.

When politicians sneer at the overwhelming wishes of the voters, while they push their own warped agendas, they can hardly be suprised that they make somebody's 'Better Dead" list.

But why single one out- a good start might be shooting everyone who has expressed a desire to run for Prime Minister.

The job really needs to go to somebody who doesn't want it!

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