Friday, August 14, 2009

Friggin' unbelievable!

"The five siblings from a Wainuiomata family found guilty of the manslaughter of their niece, who they believed was cursed by a makutu, have escaped prison terms..."

Friggin' unbelievable!

They TORTURED sombody to death and get community service!- but that s OK because there are conditions- "...conditions of which include taking a tikanga Maori or other suitable cultural programme..."

The only conditions that need to be sorted are their mental conditions- these fuckers are all barking mad!

I'm now waiting for the news that the coroner recommends the banning of concrete garden ornaments in the shape of Lions...


I should have mentioned that I also consider the Judge to be barking mad. But you probably ame to that conclusion having read what i had already written...

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