Thursday, August 20, 2009

This prick needs his guts stomped out

"The man who twice shone a green laser into the cockpit of a plane as it approached Wellington Airport has been sentenced to 200 hours' community work for causing unnecessary danger to the flight.

Helpdesk worker Vladimir Maricic, 25, was sentenced in Wellington District Court today..."

I had to go and buy one of these lasers before they get 'taken of the market' AKA banned.

I was playing around with lasers when the rest of the world thought they were still science fiction. Never got the inclination to shine one at any type of vehicle, having had one hit me in the eyes (the whole world turned red)

I would have sentenced that fucker to a thousand hours of scrubbing aircraft crappers . And another thousand washing aircrews underwear by hand to appreciate the effect the laser has.

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