Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bloody skate parks- AKA shit magnets

The ratepayer funded fiasco has been open for a week now.

On my way past this morning, it looked like somebody had thrown a stick of powergel into a wastetaker. Hardly suprising as every feral bastard yoof in town was 'hanging out' there on Friday night.

I have been told that the council's contractors have been down there cleaning up every morning so far and yes- there is a large rubbish bin provided. Knowing a bit about such matters, this will be over and above the maintenance contract. I would guess that the minimum time to get a man on site, clean up and return to his depot to dump the rubbish would be one hour. More if there is broken glass, spew or other biohazards to clean up.

The chargeout rate is around the $33 dollar/hour mark for a labourer with ute.

This equates to an extra $12,000 per annum minimum on the poor bloody taxpayers just for the rubbish removal.

Fence the damned thing if we must have it and sell tickets- make it pay.

And the bloody do-gooders that wanted it can man the gates and de-puke it!