Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meddlers in Time

Hit 125 first chapter downloads at last count!

We have to hit 549 to get first place in the Science Fiction section- it took them 18 months to get that many hits and we have gotten to 125 in nine days totally blitzing the rest of the competition!

Now we need comments. You will have to log onto the site, which I know is a bloody inconvenience, but I will greatly appreciate you taking the time to do so and just leave a one- liner!

Ebooks are the way of the future, even if you are like me and prefer paper- they will be the media of the next decade. This is one way for the owner of a small apartment- or the traveller- to have a library when they have no space.

Then there is the greenie aspect-- not that this was a consideration for me. Save a frickin' tree!


Come on- 250-300 clicks a day here- I only have 131 on the book website!

Download the friggin' free chapter!

You don't need a friggin' credit card for that!

And if you are too broken-arsed or just plain don't want a credit card- drop me a line and we can trade for a copy of the book!


There are about 630 books available on this site.

Meddlers in Time is now #2 in the Science fiction section and #18 overall!

Thats in twelve days.

Thanks again to all those who have brought one, downloaded the teaser or posted a comment!

I can rant on and on about the story (I will!), but the best publicity comes from the favorable report of others!

I bet there are a lot of folks out there now wishing they had been nicer to Peter Jackson in his early days!


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