Sunday, July 29, 2007

More on Crime & Punishment

There is a line used in Corrections that: "people are sent to prison as a punishment- not to be further punished"

What a lot of donkeybollocks!

Of course there are- and some more than others!

I'm a great believer of making the punishment fit the crime. Cruel and unusual crimes require cruel and unusual punishments.

Human refuse that would put a 3-year old in a tumble drier deserve a tumble in an industrial concrete mixer. That sort of thing.

The Movie "The Running man" had another great idea, where crims were to take part on a particularly nasty 'Reality TV' show. The TAB could buy the betting right as to who gets it, when and how! Pitched battles between rival gangs, using traditional weaponry are another possibility!

I'm in favour of a sort of reverse 'Crocodile Hunter' where the crocs are doing the catching!


KG said...

It's difficult to think of a punishment harsh enough for those scumbags.
As a condition of me having to support some lowlife single "mother" who is being given my money to breed indiscriminately,I'd at least like to see them have to get their kids checked out on a regular--and frequent--basis.
No pass, no cash. And food vouchers for the kid after the kid has been placed in care.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite partial to the idea of pushing the parents through a bacon slicer, slice by slice.


Unknown said...

And our gene pool needs this human rock snot why?

Anonymous said...

what else is there to say?.... this has been going on long enough now for any normal person to understand the situation won't change until legislation and the police back the community to deal with these issues, because, lets face it, if some neighbour had attempted removal, they would either have been set upon by the abusers or charged with kidnapping by the police, so there is no incentive for people to do more than call the authorities when it becomes clear there is something criminal occuring.

Gecko said...

Jail is no punishment, it's "Club Med" for Maoris, a lovely holiday camp! The Govt needs to cut off their free money supply and make them work for it, so they don't have the free time, boredom and cash for alcohol and drugs.
And stop paying solo mothers to breed!

Unknown said...

I like the Singapore model.

They pay to stay and work for it. Untill the time is done and the bill is paid they ain't goin nowhere.

Those that are not hung as a cost saving measure that is.

And tell me we're not just ghock full of candidates for THAT.

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