Thursday, July 05, 2007

Greg Carvell off the hook!

That should be the end of that!

Apart from all the money and anguish- defending what they should have been praised for!

How many more self-defense cases do we need to be discharged before the crown law office (or whatever those political toadies are called) stops persecuting the innocent?

This one won't be the last.


Unknown said...

A tiny island of sanity in a sea of PS bullshit and lunacy.

Unknown said...

C dammit, PC

They sdound the same.

mojo said...

No, they just don't sound the same Murray ... & they are spelt completely bloody different.
& our place got done over in the weekend & some stuff was lined up ... like awaiting collection ... & my inclination, & it was extremely strong, was to spend the night there with the shotgun ... but no, common (deference to the criminal) sense prevailed.

Unknown said...

I hab a colb ok!