Monday, July 30, 2007


Prisoners will each cost the taxpayer more than $92,000 this year, 63 per cent more than they did in 2001.

Time for some cost -cutting.
The name of the game is 'Decimation'
Each inmate gets on 'Ticket' in a draw, per year of their sentence. These are drawn until 10% of the prison population has been selected.
They all get a trip to meet Jack Ketch.
Repeat annually.
Simple, really


mojo said...

Aha ... the french (dis)connection.
Since our penal institutions mainly provide free board and victuals and education and the ability to connect with their inner selves and doesn't allow them to be exploited (work)and gives them access to video games and re runs of charles bronson movies and 'big time' wrestling to stave off the boredom and provides excellent advocates such as the UN women's thingammy that thinks it a travesty that inmates can't fully fulfill their motherly duties inside and that they should be able to... and since, until the age of about 35-40 it is largely maori people who avail themselves of this free accommodation -the disadvataged of our society Oswald ... I'm afraid Oswald, Hone would describe you as,and I quote him, "a racist bastard."
There is something simply wrong, uncivilised about 'doing unto others as they would do to you or yours.'

Anonymous said...

You have it the wrong way round - only 10% should survive each year.

MathewK said...

Too simple OB, in your plan there is limited scope for focus groups, polls, clipboards, meetings, press conferences, lawyers etc, all taxpayer funded offcourse.

peterquixote said...

like would it count Ostable, if you was good in prison and go to the library to learn, and make yous bed properly, hardly ever import drugs to sell,

red said...

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