Sunday, July 22, 2007

A culture of Nannying

I heard this story- it was impossible not to.

Only because journos are such lazy sods and only take stories handed to them, mind.

A bunch of adults stay out late and get 'fined'

Feckin' ridiculous!

It's probably a contract issue- if so, it's worrying trend. I could see this curfew clause speading throughout all contracts. Bugger me- that's one Herr Helen would love to see- and never dare to initiate herself!

And please tell me the 'Pony Club' is a brothel. Otherwise it just sounds too gay for an AB drinking spot!


KG said...

They "let themselves down"??
What part of "I'm all grown up and mind your own fucking business" don't Kiwis understand?

mojo said...

Get a grip.
They were there presumably as part of the team and as such would be expected to conform to team protocol.
Just indicative of a wilful egotistic and arrogant display ... these guys need the reigns tightened on them, not loosened. "leaders of men, independent functioners," rats.

Unknown said...

Can we have a similar contract to fine the government when they behave like kids?

No of course not, we're even allowed to SEE that.

MathewK said...

Oh good, they weren't playing the following day, that would have been painful for us, to be thrashed by 'hungover' All Blacks.

Cactus Kate said...

Isn't Pony the club where the male strip joint used to be, ie. right next to Showies. They used to call it I am told...not that I ever went there or anything....

A few metres to the left I think is a strip club so while totally Westie in nature, I guess it is respectable for at least front rowers to be there.

Now...tell me they were at Pony til 4am and NOT at Showies next door.