Friday, July 27, 2007

'arry potter?

Yes- my absense has been due to taking two nights to read Harry Potter VII

It's a damn good book-taken in the correct context that it is a kids book!

The critics are blowing smoke out of their misused arses, the only opinions that count are those of the purchasers.

I even give credit to those who write crap I despise- like mills & boone.

The only votes that count are dollars over the counter.

If you think that your book has done well and you have take a taxpayer-funded handout- you rwork is less than worthless.


sweetpea said...

I enjoyed the lastest Harry Potter book as well. The finial fight was a little drawn out but on the whole not bad at all. I am seriously impressed with the number of potential loose ends that got tied up in believable fashion. All 7 Harry Potter books are far superior to the movie versions. The only major gripe I have with the whole series was in the Half Blood Prince (book 6)was Harry's relationship with Ginny. That was so glossed over that the whole story would have worked just as well if it was left out entirely.

Mills & Boon, bodice rippers and the like are little more than soft porn for females and shouldn't be mistaken for serious writing.

Muralismo said...

Loved the book and your comments remind me of what The author of Rich dad poor dad said to a ' Serious' writer who was complaining about hs lack of skill as a writer.

he said " I am a Best selling author NOT a best writing author"

and there's the rub.
Harry Potter is a best seller and a bloody good read as well but bottom line is that it sells whether it is a fantastic work of literature or not.

that's why i think Opera should be banned and not supported by the govt. Who wants to see it??? Culture smulture!