Monday, July 02, 2007

Here's a thought!

Another looney who wants somebody else to top them.

If you can't do the bloody job yorself- don't expect some other poor sod to do it for you- and that means driving into trucks & trains. Take a bloody overdose or go swimming with a sack of bricks!

Anyhoo- I was thinking about The Carvells and what they have been out through. All that grief could have been avoided if they were allowed to stock another line in merchandise.


Any fucktard seeking an assisted suicide could get some electron therapy instead- without a wait for the police. Time in which somebody could have died in.

Tasers and pepper spray are a great tools for the police.

They are for the rest of us too.



KG said...

Amen to that!

sweetpea said...

Problem is that pepper spray doesn't work on loonys.

Anonymous said...

It took the cops 10 minutes to arrive. If a knife wielding maniac was serious, he could have killed everyone in the shop and had time to make a cup of coffee. Given that the police, even when hurrying as fast as they can, cannot always get to the scene of the crime before potential harm is done then any use of force against the criminal should be justified with no questions asked.

I had a run in with a crazy tenant who threatened to come around and burn my house down. The police said that if I found him on my property I should call them. I told them that I would call them to pick up his body because I would shoot the guy if I found him on my property. I believed his threat and I had a wife and two little kids at home. They said I could not take proactive steps to defend myself, and I said that if he showed up I would take my chances with a jury. Fortunately, he didn't. Still owes me $1500 though.

Brian Smaller

Unknown said...

On the up side there's a VERY high probablity that if the perp had sped from the scene he would have gotten a ticket.

Panday said...

Canes are the answer.

Here in the US, it's illegal for the propietors of most places to even ask someone if the cane they're holding is necessary.

Take Filipino martial arts, kung-fu staff, or fencing and carry a cane. A cane of good ash or hickory will definitely mess up an attacker.

Deadman said...

Hell, how about a cane gun?

Anonymous said...

funny how these idiots don't go next door, after all, that gun shop is called "SERIOUS SHOOTERS".

sweetpea said...

Cane guns, sword sticks etc are highly illegal in NZ.....well can't be imported anyway