Sunday, July 15, 2007

Road warning signs

They are rather useful, especially when conditions are bad.

Yesterday, it seemed that 'Slippery when Icy' was beyond the comprehension of many drivers.

Perhaps they needed more information- such as 'the pretty white stuff next to the road means the road may well be ICY'

Plus 'Slippery when icy means slow the hell down'. I passed five cars off the side of the road, showing that some don't pay attention to these points.

I got passed by quite a few, unhappy that I was travelling at a reduced speed.

Tough shit to you! Feel free to kiss my undamaged arse.


mojo said...

Well, I dunno Oswald?
Sounds to me like a few who passed your'slow obstructive arse' went slip sliding away to the side of the road?

Unknown said...

Natural selection is a bitch mojo.

She doesn't like boy racers either. Nor does Darwin.

Oswald Bastable said...

Nope- they were already in the ditch!

I had great hopes for the twat in the beemer who passed at speed, though.

Maybe next time!

For the record, I'm not one of those who would be called a slow driver.

I got quite a bit of driver training when I drove a big white truck with lights & siren!

peterquixote said...

when they close in on me from behind ostable i just brake right down, theys get angry wave fist, then i stop cold, get out weapon,
tough rules ostable

peterquixote said...

road ragers disappear fast when they see you with a cell phone to your ear, ringing the law they assume,
and reading their car number,
one day an old lady knocked my car for a six and drive off, all these bloody rednecks around they laughing and laughing

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