Sunday, March 05, 2006

Skateboard Arseholes

Grow up!

Skateboards are for kids, not pimply wankstains with metal bits in their face and a poor attempt at a beard. Those fuckers should be working, not arsing about all day. We still need people to shovel shit out of stables and cowsheds.

I hate to think what these idiots cost the taxpayer in ACC claims alone. it's no wonder the little fuckers are all butt-ugly, the way they smash themselves up- at our expense.

Of course they can't amuse themselves without taxpayers again spending many thousand on custom-built parks, which become a focus for the worst of bad teen behaviour.

The only use for a skateboarder I can see is as a moving target for a shotgun or a 4WD, or perhaps as filler material for the Darwin Awards.


Neil said...

It is incredible watching a 27 year old grown man riding a child's BMX thinking he is gods gift to women when in fact he looks like a backhanded compliment to circus clowns...

Oswald Bastable said...

We have one here I call 'Sideshow Bob'...

Mark.V. said...

They often end up straddling a railing as they try to slide down it on their skateboard, at least by doing so they reduce the likelihood of passing on their idiot genes to another generation.

libertyscott said...

Essentially anyone past puberty using a skateboard is prima-facie an anti-social idiot - what is truly grating are the little wankers skating noisily along footpaths frightening the elderly - I want the right to trip them up. The ones I find most perverse are those doing difficult moves while their mate videos it - shouldn't these boys be watching porn and chasing girls?

Brian Smaller said...

I hate the ones who skate through crowds of pedestrians. Having had my ankles whacked by a runaway skate board before, it is rather unpleasant. Mind you, I did pick it up and walk off with it and threw it in the harbour by Te Papa. God that was satisfying.

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