Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back to the 21st century- damn!

Best weekend I have had in years!

Great people, tons of outstanding food & drink, long hot summer days and a heap of big-bore guns & ammo!

My shopping list has gotten even longer, as at these sort of events, everyone is happy to let you try out their favorite rifle, pistol or shotgun and I have got to shoot a lot of stuff that I have only previously read about.

I didn't do a hell of a lot of shooting, as I was mainly involved in the running of the event, but still got a couple of shoots in.

The log chop was a lot of fun! Teams of seven fire a mix of shotguns, pistols and rifles at an upright post until it is cut in two, best time wins. The big .45 slugs don't take too long to smash a log in half- typical winning times are around thirty seconds.

Blogger won't let me put any images up- I will have to try later

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