Thursday, March 02, 2006

With the upcoming Census and all that....

A little history:

The Census Revolt of 6 CE After Judea was made a Roman province in 6 CE, the Roman legate in Syria, Publius Sulphicus Quirinius ordered a census there to determine the taxable properties in Judea. This measure provoked a popular Jewish revolt that was led by one Judas of Galilee.

Palestine during the time of Jesus
The armed rebellion failed, thousands of prisoners were seized and some two thousand of the rebels were crucified. [b] The forces of Judas of Galilee became known as the Zealots, which came from the Greek zelos (rebellion) or as Cananaeans, from the Aramaic qanan with the same meaning. Some of Jesus' apostles were zealots: Simon the Cananaeans and, probably, Judas Iscariot. [3]

Two thousand crucified and six thousand more sold into slavery. I bet they won't burn their forms again!

Bloody Romans!


Anonymous said...

jeeper ostable now you tell us, after we do likes you say and send the form away saying "get stiffed bureaucrax we dont going to do these forms until you lets us be proper newzealder and yous can stuff the tax we dont pay that either"
and i splash off theses forms to all and sundry, now what do happen to us, it ok for you hiude away in that big ranch thing there with you guns and that hummer truck but we sitting duck for the fed here,
i never take yous advices again,

Rick said...

Relax you sissy!

Crucifiction these days is done with liquid nails, you'll hardly feel a thing.

Tillerman said...

Geeze - it's good to know that things haven't changed much in Judea in 2000 years.