Saturday, March 04, 2006

Parole Board Arseholes,,11964-5479469,00.html
Sex Offender's Parole Challenged


The Parole Board's plans to place a sex offender back into the community, close to the home of his victims, are being questioned. The man was sentenced to five years' imprisonment in 2002 for charges related to unlawful sexual connection and committing an indecent act on a girl under the age of 12.
He is reported to have been paroled to an address in Avondale, Auckland, only 10 minutes away from his victims National Party law and order spokesman Simon Power says the paramount consideration for the Parole Board should always be the safety of victims. He says he is concerned about the decision and is looking into the matter further.

Here we go yet again. I would bet every dollarI own, that none of these parole board arsewipes live in the same area as this POS they are releasing.

They never do live in the same places.

I would love to se some of these smarmy, bleeding-heart crim-huggers do a little jail time and actually live with the filth they throw back on our streets. Let's see them go the defense of some slimebucket that has fucked one of their kids...


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