Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sensible Sentencing -Website of the month

Sensible Sentencing Trust

A hell of a lot of interesting information on this site, including an violent offender database, statistics on the true cost of crime and information on violent crime in NZ, in general.

There is also a survey for police reform


"Many experienced and conscientious police have had enough. They are frustrated and angry. They feel that their dedication is taken advantage of, and wasted.

Some who have left want to speak out about the conditions that drove them out. Others who are still in the force want to speak out, demanding reforms.

Many of these police formed their values and their sense of service and duty when their objectives were more straightforward. Political correctness has driven many frustrating changes.

The following list of reform demands was put together from discussion with these frustrated police. It does not cover them all. It is intended as a menu of practical demands a government can respond to."


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