Friday, March 31, 2006

The stitch-up failed- or did it?

Not Guilty on all counts:,,11964-5597999,00.html

Trouble is, shit still sticks, so that's effectivly their careers over. I always thought this reeked of a stitch-up. All of these historical trials with zero physical evidence are just 'you say-I say'.

When you have a witness that supports the defense, that pushes it clearly out of the 'beyond resonable doubt' zone.

Of course, in court black can be white and up can be down, so it's all a toss of the coin much of the time.

This time the coin landed right way up. But damage is done, regardless- again- shit always sticks.

Somebody has set this whole thing up- I doubt Nicholas came forward of here own accord. Somebody else has shafted her for their own purposes, which may have been equally well served by just the trial- a conviction was not needed.

That's my theory, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think the objective was achieved.
I believe there to be no way the principal target can return to his previous position.
If, howver, by some fortuitous circumstance, he does regain his seat, there will be two persons within the organisation, who will be suffering deep concern, and will be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their [no doubt truncated] service.......

Anonymous said...

I am reading now the feminists in the newspaper say it not fair,
they say,
'we should have a system where the accused has to show consent'
like you say you really want to fuck my baton but i not sure, look can you sign here, and, look, can we just get a witness for this, mebe your flat mate,
jees, I sudden dont wants to bang you no more,