Sunday, December 05, 2010

Up yours

"The Government is being urged to offer Prince William and Kate Middleton an all-expenses paid honeymoon to New Zealand to create a "fairytale" tourism driver.

Diana Moore, who operates the $10,000-a-night Lake Okareka Lodge near Rotorua, has suggested the government provide a honeymoon as its official wedding present "instead of giving a wedding gift such as a piece of furniture".

"The potential value in exposure to New Zealand from being part of this real-life royal fairytale is beyond imagination – certainly right up there with worldwide exposure from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit."

Although she'd "love to host William and Kate" after their April wedding next year, there would be no freebies, said Moore..."

(bold mine)

So it's fine for a whole lot of folks on meager wages to subsidize the top end of the NZ accommodation market through their grossly excessive taxes.

But NOT for a high end of the market company to do the same.

The very worst type of bludger!

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