Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cry-baby of the week

"A Taupo truck driver hurt in a crash involving three cars and his truck in Hawke's Bay is laying an official complaint with St John Ambulance, saying no ambulance staff approached him after the crash and he could have been "lying in a ditch" unnoticed.

Les Bennett, 28, said he was dazed and limping after the crash that left 12 people in hospital, but was not asked if he needed help..."


You were up and moving about- they were dealing with TWELVE people who needed to be admitted to hospital- quite a few of them seriously injured.

"...Three people remained in a serious condition in Hawke's Bay Hospital yesterday and four were listed as stable..."

All you had to do was ask to be checked out. Did you expect your own personal physician?

Or are you ACC-seeking...

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