Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't make excuses for it

"Masterton's worst illegal dumper will dodge a potential $5000 fine after ditching a trailer-load of beer bottles, nappies, and other "unhygenic items" at Henley Lake...

...Grant Howard, co-ordinator of Wairarapa Free Budget Advisory Service, said that while he detested illegal dumping, he had sympathy for those struggling to pay the dump charges.

"It's far too high - $42 for a trailer load? It's expensive and I think education and recycling should be pushed.

"In lawyer fees it's probably $2000 to $3000 for the council to prosecute someone when they could run two or three week-long courses to recycle properly."

Since the rise in GST in October, Mr Howard said he was seeing more low-income people who could not cover basic living costs..."

If they have so many beer bottles they can't dispose of them through the kerbside recycling, I would suggest they don't have a poverty problem at all!

And as for dumping them in the friggin' park- even most of the local low-class trash manage to dump their crap outside the transfer station gate!

The Masterton gene pool needs more chlorine in the shallow end!

1 comment:

sweetpea said...

$42 is cheap.

Try over $2 per 60 litre bag.