Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An arse needs kicking

"The military get paid too much and get allowances that should have been abolished two years ago, according to a report prepared for the Government's Defence White Paper.

Military personnel get an average of $23,000 or 30 per cent more than other public servants generally and this is not justified, says the value-for-money review by former Telecom boss Rod Deane..."

Ever put you well-paid neck on the chopping block, you soft-cocked little weenie?

I saw a review like this done on Corrections some years ago. They we horrified that all these blokes that HAD NO TERTIARY QUALIFICATIONS earned more than the chicken-shit average wage.

I would bet money most of these consultant types would piss in their label pants if they ever set foot in a prison wing. Or Afghanistan with a bit of lead flying.

I wonder if Rod Fucking Deane was one of those prat who was beaten up, had his beer stolen and his girlfriend given the fucking she had always wanted by some serviceman?

I hope it was me!

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