Sunday, December 19, 2010

Any wonder when dealing with zealots?

"A senior nurse at Starship hospital's child protection unit told a conference of medical professionals that "all parents are liars until proved otherwise", doctors who attended say.

The revelation comes after a Sunday Star-Times investigation into practices at the unit, Te Puaruruhau, revealed concern it is being run like a police station, with staff treating parents as guilty until proven innocent over unexplained injuries.

Families have complained that the unit's doctors rushed to judgements, refused to budge from their initial assessments, and failed to apologise when injuries were shown to be accidental.

There has also been judicial criticism, with a judge saying doctors in one case seemed to have closed minds and had not considered alternative explanations..."

Yet I bet these PC ninnies would be morally outraged at the suggestion that they do a bit of profiling! ESPECIALLY if (if- yeah, right...) that profiling involved skin colour.

So lets just treat EVERYONE like they are shit parents...


sweetpea said...

Some things don't change.

I recall a family tale about how a young 22 year old mother was repeatedly questioned whether her 3 year old was being abused after yet another trip to hospital with the 3 year old blue around the mouth and struggling to breathe.

That was in the early 70s and I was the unabused but severely asthmatic child.

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