Friday, December 31, 2010

Just another friggin' day

...of working in the hot sun (yes, we get that in NZ- from time-to-time)

Four more 13-hour days, as well as being on call for the other 11 hours.

This does not make for a happy disposition, especially when the region is full of moronic holiday-makers. None of whom have the first idea of how to drive.

They don't have some of the local knowledge, either. Especially the lot that were parking along the roadside that is a thoroughfare for oversized tractors and combine harvesters. Good luck there.

If they were local, they would also know that the river they were swimming in has an E.Coli count normally seen in the more crocodile-infested parts of Africa. In the season the Wildebeest migrate. Good luck with your bowels, too.

It would be a lot simpler if the loopys just gave me their money. I could give them a dose of the salts and bang their new beemer 4wd lookalike with a sledghammer.

It might cheer me up some too...

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