Saturday, September 08, 2007

What's going on here?

This morning I found a disturbing story on Stuff. It was about that waste of rations, the 'Children's Commissioner'

The story was about how she wanted the family of EVERY newborn child in NZ to be vetted by an agency they would nominate (the family)

If they failed to nonimate an inquisitor, zee valfare agencies vould be sent in!

I wrote up a few caustic comments on this and on posting to blogger- something crashed and all was lost.

So I set to work repeating the post- but the story had vanished from Stuff!

It's enough to start you believing in conspiracy theories!


The story is back


Looks like they just added a bit to the original posting.

This would be another glaring example of rampant PC. We all know that it is a small sub-sector of society that causes 98% of the harm.

But these PC government toadies can't point at brown beneficiaries, can they...


Unknown said...

Screen capture.

Can't say it often enough.

Unknown said...

There we go:

Mandatory screening of every baby's home life is being proposed by the children's commissioner in a bold bid to halve New Zealand's shocking child murder rate.

Cindy Kiro's scheme would make it compulsory for every newborn's caregiver to nominate an authorised provider to assess their family's progress through home visits.

Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities.

Barnsley Bill said...

nz conservative have just posted on it. Scary but predictable. The socialists typical blanket approach trying to fix a problem that is easy to identify.
We all know where the problem families are and what they are.
Not many babies called john or jane smith being beaten to death.
Kiro cannot possibly say it of course, would rather create her very own STASI to scare the rest of us non savages into leaving.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Kiro is your typical socialist control freak. Instead of targetting the easily identifiable families where abuse occurs, she wants to pass the blame on everybody, and put good honest caring parents into the same group as the child abusing scumbags.

Her approach is not tackling the issue at all, but instead to make life difficult for everybody. She is probably having a screaming orgasm at the thought of the power she can get, if she gets this ridiculous idea of hers accepted.

Cindy obviously hates and loathes freedom and freedom of choice, as she is totally against people vountarily seeking help from agencies such as Plunket. Well here is news for you, Cindy: Good parents that care for their kids, dont go seeking welfare agency help, because they are capable of looking after their kids very well without having idiots from guvamint agencies telling them how to do it! And families that do seek help from Plunket, obviously care about their kids, and want to do the best they can for them. The scumbags that abuse their kids, only seek welfare helop to get more cash handouts to watse on booze, drugs, pokies, ciggies, and dont give a rat's arse about their kids, other than as a convenient bargaining chip to get more taxpayer handouts!

Cindy, the families that abuse kids are easily identifiable. Why do you want to put all parents into the same group? Is it because you are so incompetent at your job, that you are trying to overcompensate, by using a 'one size fits all' approach?

TouchStone said...

liberalites are the same everywhere. They don't believe that anyone but themselves are smart enough to wipe their own butts.

Those oxygen-thieves are dangerous, wherever they are found.

KG said...

What Caprox and TouchStone said.

I put up a post about this at CR--it's time Kiwis told these interfering cows to fuck off out of their lives.
Kiro will do anything to avoid laying the blame where it belongs--with Maori. So the rest of the population who are decent, caring parents have to be treated like these scumbags.
I almost wish I had kids, so I could have the pleasure of telling these statist assholes to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I wont be having any more kids but if I were a responsible young father I'd be telling them to fuck off as well. The article in todays Dom Post was accompanied by a big list of a dozen or so kids killed. Almost all were from families that relied and/or had dead-beat "step fathers" involved.

Brian Smaller

ZenTiger said...

An aggressive and negative attitude to being 'interviewed' by a zealous social worker looking to steal your baby is just the kind of thing to trigger their 'risk list'...

Personally, I think we need a plan for every Commissioner: Leave no Commissioner Behind

sweetpea said...

The real question is how far do we really want the government departments of this country to go.

It is generally the people who opt out of all the offered free services that cause a lot of the problems.

It should be remembered that Plunket is a volunteer run charity that receives some government funding for a number (8-12 from memory) well defined well child checks for children signed up for the service. Refferal is not automatic. It is up to the parents and lead maternatiy carers to sign the babies up and make the first appointment. Plunket can not get the information regarding a childs birth or existance any other way legally. Frequently lead maternaty carers or parents are so tardy about doing this that many babies miss the government funded 6 week check.

I have been a Plunket volunteer for many years and have cooked thousands of sausages, run dozens of cake stalls and raffles and knocked on thousands of doors fund raising to cover the shortfalls.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm plunket.
Someone I know works at woolworths on the checkouts, where they run fundraisers whereby you can add a dollar or two to your bill to go to plunket.
The checkout girls ask every customer if they'd like to donate.
Apparently there are dozens and dozens of mothers who, when asked if they'd like to donate, reply with horror stories about plunket and state rather firmly that there's no way they could ever support it after what they were subjected to. They really haaaate plunket.
I've no doubt that plunket does a better job than any state run program could, in which case the possibilities of this proposal are rather frightening.

Anonymous said...

And are the child abuse statistics accurate? The police have new rules now regarding domestic incidences and now have to report case no matter how minor to CYS. Resulting in even higher statistics, which will vindicate the government's interference to many.