Monday, September 03, 2007

Compo for crime victims

The story:

My opinon is that the government should pay reperations up front.

They should then extract the money from the offender in much the same way they get student loan money.

From the ofenders PLUS interest.

I get reperations drip-fed. NO interest AND NOTHING FOR THE ENDLESS TRIPS TO BANK THE CHECKS.


Grok that?


Unknown said...

Debtors prsion... just a concept.

Anonymous said...

You got reperations? I had the courts order the three thugs that attacked me on the way home from work one night to pay reperations of about $600 (for my broken glasses etc etc). I got one cheque for $17.51. I sent it back to the Dept of Courts and told them to stick it up their arses.

Brian Smaller

TouchStone said...

Another example:

O.J. Simpson.

The families of the murdered people are STILL trying to get money from that guy.

I like the concept, though.

How about auctioning off some of the criminal's things? a kidney or a lung....
I hear there's good money to be made selling organs.....LOL

Anonymous said...

I support the idea that, when a judge orders reparation, it be paid from a special trust fund set up by Parliament for such payments. The scumbag criminals then must repay that money to the fund, much like a loan, with interest higher than the market average. And the money can be recovered from any bank account of the crim, welfare benefit, wages, or even seizure of goods or property, and even from the accounts of any family trusts, or the Iwi trust (If the ofender is maori and affiliated with an Iwi). If the scumbag criminal complains, too bad! If they dont want to lose what they have, they should not steal/beat/rob,defraud,rape, etc.

sweetpea said...

Charge pentality payments for not paying it off in one lump sum immediately or charge them interest.
That is what happens to the rest of us poor smucks if we are sily enough to get fines or owe money to the ird.

Unknown said...

All far too complicated people.


They'll suddenly discover vast wealth under the matress.