Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tonight on TV3 there was a story about a Woman 21 years old she's decided to have eleven babies to eleven different men. She already has #1

Unfortunately, I can't find the article and link it.

Guess who she expects to pick up the bill?

That's right- US!

This bludging brood sow needs flogging! We need the likes of here like we need another fifty seats in Parliament. I have to wonder what kind of flawed mind can think that they are ENTITLED to raise a huge brood of dysfunctional children (they will be) at OUR expense. It's bad enough that she has already deliberatly had one.

I really would like to kick her arse!

The random breeding antics of the shallow end of the gene pool are bad enough, but when this breeding is done deliberatly...

What kind of life would a dozen kids have, raised by one moonbat?


MathewK said...

Saw the same thing yesterday and last week, i thought it was here in Australia. I share your sentiments, she said at one point, that she didn't want to take welfare, but... to which i say, then don't, don't come with that BS about how you don't really want to steal but because it's there you'll just go ahead anyway.

Anonymous said...

She was an Aussie but the sense of entitlement to other people's money would not be out of place here. I couldn't believe that the interviewer waited until the end of the interview to ask her how she intended on paying for all her plans.

Brian Smaller

Anonymous said...

She should be forcibly sterilised to stop her producing more sub standard rabble for the sub culture.Then all her benefits should be stopped so she would work or starve.

Unknown said...

Engouh of this social responsibility, show us your catapult!

TouchStone said...

It's a fact of biology.

The lower the lifeform, the more prolifically it breeds.

Anonymous said...

what a fucked up system? I'm so sick of this crap