Monday, September 10, 2007

On going nuclear...

I believe nuclear energy to be a good thing, with a couple of reservations, one which I have previously commented on.

With NZ, I believe we should support the world-wide move to nuclear power- not play the head-up-the-arse game our so-called 'leaders' are.

How we should progress towards this form of energy is to develop our existing hydro generation. Can the bloody RMA and build more dams. So a bit of forest gets drowned- lakes also have a lot of recreation potential! We are lucky to have this capacity to buy us time.

With the way technology is moving, the reactors of twenty to forty years time are going to be so much safer and efficent then even the latest of today- a quantum leap ahead of the old Chernobyl type socialist death-traps.

We may even reach the Holy Grail of Fusion in that time.


KG said...

Agreed. But I just read a report that says lakes release vast amounts of methane (from rotting vegetation and marine life) into the atmosphere and that methane is "far worse" than Co2 as a global warming gas.
So the greenienuts will have something else to whine about.

KG said...

A thought just occurred to me. If we achieve cold fusion, what will the greens use as an excuse to oppose it?

ZenTiger said...

Cold Fusion should be resisted on the grounds that people will be fooled into thinking we can solve the AGW problem.

We are all going to destroy the planet, with or without cunning inventions, so stop confusing the issue and become vegetarian, catch the bus, live in an apartment and if you voted right (labour and beyond) then just drop dead.

KG said...

Well that clears things up, ZT.
Silly us, thinking we could have both civilisation and a clean environment.

Anonymous said...

Hyro does bugger the rivers up a bit though, if you like to trout fish or kayak for example.
I get rather upset when people want to dam my favourite streams so auckland can have more power. What's wrong with a coal plant in south auckland?

KG said...

"What's wrong with a coal plant in south auckland?"
Nothing. Nothing at all. :-)

MathewK said...

If you want the greens and the mad-left onside, you need to convince them it'll end human life or hinder it in some way, doesn't have anything to do with the environment.

Alternatively just convince them it'll hurt whitey and west.