Saturday, June 01, 2013

Negotiate be damned

"Corrections are moving inmates not participating in the riot at Spring Hill to other parts of the prison, saying fires set by prisoners are endangering lives.
Plans were made for relocating the compliant prisoners within the two cell blocks affected by rioting to another part of the prison, Corrections said earlier this evening.
Two vans of prison guards arrived, and sixteen fire engines were sent to combat the flames after prisoners lit fires and caused extensive damage to their cell blocks. The Westpac rescue chopper from Hamilton also landed in the prison.
Police with dogs are also at the prison.
Corrections said 27 inmates at Spring Hill Corrections Facility near Meremere were involved in the incident, which remained "fluid" this evening.
Corrections told Fairfax negotiators had been called in to help resolve the situation.."
This has been going on all day. Unacceptable.
Assemble the troops.
Issue an ultimatum to cease and desist immediately and get face down in the dirt, arms and legs spread wide.
Shoot those not complying.

THAT is how you end a friggin' riot.


Heisenbug said...

I agree. The most expensive prison on the country, with underfloor heating and big-screen TVs throughout - better accommodations than most of the country can afford. Just shoot the bastards. FFS.

PM of NZ said...

How can our super expensive most modern prison burn for so long?

You'd think it would have a dry fire-main connected throughout the block to each cell ready to be wet charged at any time to quell both flames and rioting gang thugs.

Nothing like being saturated on a cold winter's day to slow things down. Hose the stables out and regain control.

KG said...

I wonder if they're still being fed? If so, why?

Oi said...

Can we toss these scrotes out into some rock-heap somewhere and install a few hundred old age pensioners who would appreciate the warmth and amenities?