Sunday, June 09, 2013

Taking care of business

"The man shot dead by police on a New Plymouth golf course yesterday was friends with Steven Wallace, also shot and killed by police in Taranaki in 2000.
Adam Te Rata Charles Morehu, 33, had fired a shot and threatened to kill police officers responding to a burglar alarm at the New Plymouth Golf Club early yesterday. Police returned fire, hitting Morehu, who died at the scene.
In 2002 Morehu told reporter Tony Wall that his mate Wallace should not have gone on his window-smashing rampage before he was shot in Waitara. And in a bizarre echo of the 2000 tragedy, it appears Morehu smashed windows at the golf course during yesterday's incident.
"But the pig shouldn't have shot him, he went too far. He could have just put a cap [bullet] in his leg or something," Morehu told Wall in 2002..."
No doubt the local scumbags will be crying that they didn't need to kill this POS. Good to see him get what his shitbird mate got- a fatal dose of Glock poisoning.
Obviously didn't learn anything from the past...


Oi said...

Sounds like a righteous shooting to me, given the facts as presented.
It is unfortunate that the politicians, who travel securely in a cloud of armed DPS, and the upper echelons of the Police, who have no real idea of what it is now like at 0300hrs out there in the wastelands, will continue to prevent cops carrying as a general thing until a few more are killed by scrotes who arm themselves like this muppet.

Oi said...

Oh Yeah! The other thing I would like to say, is that I would like to be able to defend my own home and property with as much force as it takes, [including gunfire] as I live far out in the country where our rural Police - even if the communication centre bother to wake them - may turn up 30mins to an hour after the event

KG said...

We lived in rural NZ, Oi, and slept with a loaded 12g by the bed.
Stuff what the law says.Nobody is obliged to be a victim.
Shoot first, argue it in court later.