Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So find another job

"Air New Zealand flight attendants preparing to strike over wages are taking on work over and above their airline jobs just to stay above the poverty line, a representative says..."

So find other work. A flight attendant is just a glorified waitress who doesn't get tips.

And need I remind you that your union got you this deal in the first place.

Then a little googling found they get a hell of a lot more than a waitress!

"...Air NZ has responded by saying the union's claims about the wages of staff have been significantly over-stated.

General manager Tasman Pacific Airline Glen Sowry said the union had rejected an offer which would have meant a new entrant Zeal flight attendant, working 30 hours a week and a nine-day fortnight, would earn $41,000 per annum.

"This income for a new recruit is 17 percent higher than the median wage for people working a full 40-hour week in New Zealand..."

And that was the end of any shred of sympathy...

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