Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't get away tonight

Without mentioning a crime so richly deserving of a flogging with an aardvark hide cat-of-nine-tails!

Breaking into a friggin' library and stealing the computer!

"The bastards stole my laptop, which was brand spanking new and purchased with precious summer reading programme funds," Mrs Griffith said."

Penny(the librarian) is the only person in the whole SWDC staff worth her salt. She knows every kid that uses that library by name and I would bet a grand to a knob of goat shit that those responsible have never been in there unless dragged by a teacher.

This is getting up there with desecrating cemeteries and war memorials. Those responsible need a couple of days in the dtocks after their flogging then a couple of years community service scrubbing turds and bubble gum of the footpaths!

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