Friday, March 06, 2009

Just one more last chance?

Shit-for brains is back in front of the beak for- you guessed it- breaching his parole conditions.


Honestly! how many chances does this oxygen-thief get!

He can't/won't learn and I predict he will before long be back in court on serious charges.

And there will be another victim's life ruined or ended.

Like a rabid dog, there is only one guaranteed cure for his condition- 147grains of 7.62mm through the back of the head.

But the powers-that-be are to soft to even lock this piece of excrement away were he can do no harm to the public, so that ain't going to happen.

So who is the next victim going to be? Because there will be one.

Please let it be a defense lawyer, a judge or a politician.

If anyone deserves it- they do.