Sunday, March 01, 2009

Razor- skoolz

Education- it can be an asset or a bottomless pit that you pour money into. Nowhere more so than it tertiary eduction.

So lets can all funding (including student loans) for bullshit courses and McQualifications and focus on what is actually needed to produce real goods, services and ultimately- MONEY.

You know that ones- anything with the words 'social', 'woman's', 'Maori', 'Art'- and the list goes on.

Do them at your own expense. (I would like to see them all go this way, but I'm talking about now and the will ain't there yet)

As for secondary schools - if kids have to be held there past the time where they are capable if assimilating any more academic stodge (about the forth form)- let them study gardening, how to balance a cheque book, cooking, cleaning and basic handyman skills.

And how NOT to get pregnant- because the DBP is going!

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